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MRS-1044 Digital Multitrack Recorder.

  44.1 kHz sampling, 16 bit linear format with no compression
  44 hours recording time with internal 15 GB Hard disk, up to 999 songs
  24 bit signal Processing and 24 bit A/D, D/A conversion
  10 audio tracks, Stereo Drum track and Bass track, total 13 tracks played simultaneously
  2 Phantom powered balanced XLR inputs and un-balanced 1/4" jacks, 2 tracks recorded simultaneously
  S/P DIF Optical Digital output
  MIDI In/Out, Expression pedal in and Foot switch in
  Optional SCSI and USB add-in card slot
  Back-lit LCD display with contrast trim

Hard disk recorder
  10 Virtual takes for each track
  EQ for each track
  100 Markers per a song
  100 Sequence and Manual scenes per a song
  Easy bounce mode
  Auto Punch In/Out, Manual Punch In/Out
  A-B Repeat function
  Scrub/Preview function

Drum Machine
  Real Drum & Bass sounds came from Zoom RhythmTrak series
  8 touch sensitive pads, x 3 banks make 24 sounds per a drum kit
  250 user programmable patterns per a song, selectable from 400 preset patterns
  Over 10,000 notes recorded per a song
  20 Drum Kits and 10 Bass Sounds
  Pattern recording by MIDI note triggering

Multi Effects
  Modeling guitar effects, VAMS (Variable Architecture Modeling System)
  Mastering effects, Insert effects and Send/Return effects available
  4 Algorithms - Guitar/Bass, Mic, Line and Mastering
  4 Modules - Compression, Pre/Drive Equalizer and Modulation/Delay
  6 Insert effect types simultaneously
  2 Send/Return effects simultaneously from Chorus/Delay/Reverb

  16.75 (w) 10.25 (d) 3.125 (h)

Zoom has been creating innovative leading edge products for nearly 20 years. The new MRS-1044 MultiTrak Recording Studio is no exception.

The MRS-1044 is a hard disk recorder and a fully integrated digital workstation. It features 10 audio tracks (backed up by 80 virtual takes), a programmable stereo drum track and a dedicated programmable bass track for total of 13 tracks. The MRS-1044 input and output stages feature 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, while the recording section samples at 44.1kHz (with no compression) storing up to 44 hours of audio on its 15GB internal hard disk.

Professional sounding mixes are a snap with the MRS-1044's built-in 24-bit Digital Signal Processor. It offers Zoom's Modeling Guitar effects, (VAMS- Variable Architecture Modeling System), studio effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Modulation, Delay, Compression, Equalization and Mastering effects with the ability to utilize six effects simultaneously.

The MRS-1044's mixer section features dedicated EQ and faders for each of the 10 audio channels. The comprehensive workstation allows storage of up to 999 songs with 100 marker points per song and 100 sequence and manual scenes per song. Editing is made easy with a large back-lit LCD screen. Auto and manual punch in and out, easy bounce mode, A/B repeat function and a scrub/preview function make the MRS-1044 a powerful recording tool.

Realistic drum sounds are inherited from Zoom's RhythmTrak series of drum machines. The MRS-1044's rhythm section features 8 touch sensitive pads times 3 banks allowing for 24 sounds per drum kit. Bass sounds range from slap to synth and every style in-between. 250 user programmable patterns are available per song, and these can be selected from 400 preset patterns. Connectivity is accomplished via 2 phantom powered XLR inputs, 2 1/4<= unbalanced inputs, stereo RCA outputs outputs, S/P DIF Optical Digital output and MIDI in/out as well as an optional SCSI and USB add-in card slot.

With today's demands for quality and comfortable user interface, the Zoom MRS-1044 is truly professional recording made easy.

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 Download the MRS-1044 User Manual in PDF format (1.9MB).