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Tascam 424 MKIII


The 424 MKIII is a direct descendant of the original 144 of 1978. A real personal recording studio with a professional mixing console and a logic-controlled cassette deck in a single easy-to-use unit.

The 424 MKIII is equipped with powerful musical EQ on all six input channels, flexible auxiliary and monitoring systems, and a comprehensive range of inputs and routing options.

With a sophisticated 4-track tape recorder using logic control to provide a range of automated functions, the 424 MKIII gives you the power to fully explore and exploit the creative possibilities of multitracking.



Foot-switch for hands-free punch in and out

Main Features

4-track 4-channel recording system

Simultaneous recording up to 4 tracks

Dual tape speed (3 3 /4 and 1 7 /8 ips)

Logic controlled 4-track tape transport

dbx noise reduction

±12% pitch control

Return-to-zero and 2 locate points

Repeat function

Auto punch I/O with rehearsal function

6 full-function input channels with MID sweepable 3-band EQ


2 Aux Sends for effects processing, one of which is switchable to tape cue

4 assignable XLR microphone inputs

Dedicated stereo inputs (channel 7-8)

Stereo SUB IN

Separate main L-R and monitor outputs

Dedicated 4 tape outputs

Sync output

Easy-to-read FL display




Compact cassettes C-30/60/90, 70 µs Hi-Bias (CrO2)

Track format

4-track, 4-channel

Noise reduction

dbx Type II


1 4-channel head for recording/playback (permalloy)
1 4-channel erase head (ferrite)


DC motor

Tape speeds

9.5  cm/sec. and 4.8  cm/s

Speed accuracy


Pitch control


Wow and flutter

0.05% (9.5  cm/s)

Fast winding time

approx. 120 s with C-60 cassette


Frequency response (overall)

40 Hz - 16  kHz, ±3dB (9.5  cm/s)

Total harmonic distortion


Signal-to-noise ratio

58  dB (IHF A-weighted, without dbx)
95  dB (IHF A-weighted with dbx)

Channel separation

>55  dB

Erase ratio

>65  dB



   High (shelving)

10  kHz, ±10  dB

   Mid (sweepable)

250 Hz - 5  kHz, ±12dB

   Low (shelving)

100 Hz, ±10  dB



Microphone inputs (1-4)

4x XLR

   Nominal level

-60  dBV (MIC) / -20  dBV (LINE)

   Nominal impedance

3,6  kOhm

Mic/Line inputs (1-6)

6x 6.3 mm jack

   Nominal level

-50  dBV (MIC) / -10  dBV (LINE)

   Nominal impedance

5,6  kOhm

Stereo inputs (7-8)

2x 6.3 mm jack

   Nominal level

-10  dBV

Stereo sub input

2x RCA

   Nominal level

-10  dBV

Stereo line output

2x RCA

   Nominal level

-10  dBV

Effect sends/tape cue

2x 6.3 mm jack

   Nominal level

-10  dBV

Tape outputs

4x RCA

   Nominal level

-10  dBV

Monitor output

2x RCA

   Nominal level

-10  dBV

Headphones output

6.3 mm stereo jack

   max. output power

2x 60 mW

Power supply and other specifications

Power supply

230 V AC, 50 Hz

Power consumption

22 W


4.9 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

419  mm x 115  mm x 357  mm

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.