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EMG gives you Active Equalization right
at your fingertips.

Misc EQs

Turn night into day with the
turn of a knob - right on your guitar!

Whether you play guitar or bass, EMG's full line of EQ and accessory circuits give you total control over your sound without taking your hands off of your instrument. Moving beyond the passive treble cut tone control of conventional instruments, EMG EQ systems include active treble and bass controls that can both boost or cut treble and bass up to 12dB. In addition, the guitar tone circuits can reshape the midrange response to get that "scooped" metal tone or create a humbucker-like sound from a single-coil pickup. Bass systems start with add-on active bass and treble controls and range upward to full electronics systems that include continuously-variable parametric midrange controls, volumes, and even pickup balance controls.

Each system comes completely pre-wired for ease of installation and greater reliability. The compact surface-mount design yields a smaller electronics package - not only an easier fit in tight control compartments, but reductions in power consumption as well (1250 hours for many models!). To further save space, all EMG EQ systems (even multiples on the same instrument) can share the same 9V battery power source as the pickups. Most of the systems are available with either separate control pots or concentric pots mounted on the same shaft. Concentric controls allow you to replace a passive treble cut control with an active bass and treble control - no need to drill additional control holes.

All EMG accessory kits come prewired with complete instructions showing basic and optional setups. Most Bass setups (except the EXB) include knobs; all other systems come with split shaft pots appropriate for use with standard Fender- or Gibson-type knobs. If you are ordering a custom EMG pickup set from the factory, you can specify your choice of accessories to be integrated into the assembly at the factory.

Accessories for Guitar

Although any EMG EQ or Accessory circuit can be used on guitar or bass, these units have been designed with the guitar in mind.

The EMG-SPC Presence Control®, also known as "The Fat Control"(tm), is an active midrange boost circuit. Mounted on a potentiometer, the SPC gives up to 6dB boost at 1300Hz while rolling off the highs. When used with an EMG-S or SA single-coil pickup, you can recreate a humbucking tone without routing. With an EMG humbucker, you'll get a broadened mid-peak and a rounder tone. When turned all the way down (counter-clockwise), the SPC yields flat response. EMG-SPC


The EMG-RPC Resonant Peak Control®, selectively boosts the high frequency range up to 6dB at 4000Hz while reducing the mids and lows. At it's lowest setting, there's no change to the natural tone of the guitar. As you increase the value of it's single knob, your sound is accented similarly to a single-coil pickup's response. The RPC circuit is mounted directly to the back of it's control potentiometer and attaches easily to your existing setup.

The single knob EMG-EXG Guitar Expander® simultanteously boosts the highs (around 4000Hz) and the lows (centered at 40Hz) while dipping the midrange (1000Hz). The net effect is is a solid, clean low end, sharp attack and improved clarity from the reduced mids. Picking and rhythm chording come through with an acoustic-like quality which is fully adjustable from flat to full effect. EMG-EXG


The EMG-DMSK Dual-Mode Switch Kit® allows you to simulate a single-coil sound with any EMG humbucking pickup. It utilizes a capacitor in series with the pickup output to naturally roll-off the low frequencies. For even greater flexibility, the kit includes three optional capacitors that allow you to tailor the roll-off to your tastes. Activated with a single mini-toggle switch, the DMSK can be used much like a humbucking coil-tap switch without the hum associated with traditional coil-splitting. The DMSK also preserves the low-impedance output of the pickup.

This fully active phase reversal circuit is for use with any multi-pickup instrument. Mounted on a single mini-toggle switch which activates it, the EMG-Pi2 Phase Reversing Switch® produces a true 180° phase shift. When used on a guitar with two or more pickups, you'll hear a distinct change in tone as phase switch changes the cancellation and reinforcement frequencies in the output blend. The Pi2's active phase reversal maintains the full quietness and low-impedence output of your EMGs. You use this circuit on either pickup of a two-pickup configuration or on the middle pickup of a three-pickup setup. EMG-Pi2

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Accessories for Guitar or Bass


Mounted on the back of a mini-toggle switch, the EMG-PA2 Preamp Booster® give you a 0-20dB boost without changing your tone. The boost level is preset using a trimpot on the circuit board. You can quickly kick up your levels for a lead or drive a long cord without losing high frequencies. You can wire the PA2 on any single pickup of a multi-pickup setup.

You can use the PA2 with guitar or bass. It can also be used with non-EMG pickups for low-impedence output.

The EMG-VMC Variable Midrange Control delivers an incredible level of control over the critical midrange section of your sound. The VMC is a sweepable equalization circuit (also known as a parametric or quasi-parametric EQ). It's a special tone control that not only lets you boost or cut a specific part of the tonal spectrum, but gives you the ability to adjust the center frequency across a wide range to tailor your tone precisely. Provided on a stacked potentiometer that allows two knobs through a single hole in your instrument, you get a big 12dB of boost or cut wherever you focus the EQ (continuously sweepable from 300-3000Hz).

You can add a VMC to the BTC or BTS to upgrade your EQ to a three-band bass EQ system.


Accessories for Bass

Although any EMG EQ or Accessory circuit can be used on guitar or bass, these units are tuned for use with electric bass.


Similar in concept to the EMG-EXG, the EMG-EXB Bass Expander ® lifts the bass and treble response while cutting the midrange. The EXB's center frequencies have been focused for the bass with a higher treble frequency (1600Hz vs. 1300Hz) that gives added definition to slapping or an aggressive pick attack. In addition, more boost (10db) is available. The EXB's small circuit board is mounted directly to the back of it's control potentiometer, and will fit easily in any normal control compartment.

The EMG-BTC and BTS Active Bass and Treble Controls can totally change the sound of your bass. Two completely independent controls allow you to tailor your sound right at your instrument. Unlike a traditional passive tone control which can only cut treble frequencies, the BT controls can independently boost or cut both bass and treble frequencies up to 12dB. In addition, a set of DIP switches mounted on the main circuit board allow you to select among 4 widely different center frequencies ranging from the high midrange to treble region (2100, 3500, 4500, and 7000Hz). The bandwidth of each setting is also tuned to allow the most musical voicings. For convenience, both the bass and treble controls include detents that allow you to easily dial in flat EQ response by touch.

The circuit is available in different versions to fit your bass and control preferences. The BTS Control places the bass and treble controls on separate knobs. The BTC Control stacks the two controls on a concentric pot. This allows you to install the BTC in place of an existing passive control without drilling additional holes in the instrument. Both the BTS and BTC units can be used with passive pickups as well as EMGs.

If you are ready to go to a complete EMG active setup, you can also select the BTS or BTC Systems. For use only with EMG pickups, the Systems combine the BTS or BTC controls with Master Volume and Pickup Balance controls. The balance control allows you to blend the sounds of the bridge and neck pickups without the loss of treble or bass that can occur with standard pickup volume controls. It also includes a detent at the equal blend position.

All the BT family circuits come prewired for easy installation and includes all required hardware including a matched set of black knobs. The systems are set up for 9V operation off a single battery (including pickups) but can be optionally operated with 18V for additional clean headroom.


EMG-BT Circuits

EMG-BQ Circuits

For the maximum control over your sound, EMG offers the EMG-BQ Three Band EQ Family. In addition to all the features of the BT circuits, the BQ add the VMC parametric midrange control. Available with bass and treble controls on separate or concentric knobs, the BQC and BQS Controls are compatible with conventional pickups. If you prefer a complete prewired system with master volume and pickup balance controls, you can select the BQC or BQS Systems.

Installation is straightforward using EMG's detailed instructions. The only soldering required for prewired systems is the attachment of the pickup leads.

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