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Custom for Parker Fly Neck PHWP1


The original Parker Fly neck pickup was based on the Air NortonTM. The new P1 neck model is one of the first generation of pickups designed from the ground up specifically for the Fly. It is based on new research and technology, as well as extensive feedback from players in live and studio environments. The result is a pickup that combines low magnetic pull with outstanding dynamics and wide tonal range. Performance in every area is enhanced. The overall sound is warm and clean enough for jazz, but response to pick attack is powerful and immediate enough rock and blues soloing.

Recommended For:

Neck position on all Parker Fly models. May also be used in bridge position for bright, open sound.

Tech Talk:

One of the aims of the P1 was to give the Fly a classic neck humbucker sound. Traditionally, this requires a fixed-bridge guitar with a 22-fret neck (and 2 or 3 more pounds of wood!). The P1 comes remarkably close to this sound by using a soft magnetic field that extends further along the string length and a ceramic magnet in a patent-applied-for structure that has as much warmth as Alnico 5, but with a quicker attack and presence similar to Alnico 2. This also results in a hotter, more open "notch sound" in the Fly center pickup selector position, especially when paired with a bridge pickup with similar capabilities like the P2.


Wiring Standard 4-conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 300mV
DC Resistance 15.98K
Year of introduction 1999
Patent # 5,399,802 & Patent applied for

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