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DiMarzio MultibuckerTM DP157


The Multibucker™ puts a Fast Track 1™ and a Chopper™ together in the space of one full-size humbucker. Both pickups in series create a huge humbucking sound--thick and powerful. Turning on just the Fast Track 1™ side provides classic single-coil clarity and clang with double the usual output. The Chopper™ side is a hotter sound; more balls in the mids and low-end, with the kick and high-end of a real single-coil. All positions are completely humbucking.

Beyond the obvious benefits of 3 switchable sounds, the Multibucker's 4-coil, 4-blade design distributes the magnetic field evenly for focussed bottom-end and low string-pull. And it looks cool too!