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DiMarzio MultibuckerTM DP157


The Multibucker™ puts a Fast Track 1™ and a Chopper™ together in the space of one full-size humbucker. Both pickups in series create a huge humbucking sound--thick and powerful. Turning on just the Fast Track 1™ side provides classic single-coil clarity and clang with double the usual output. The Chopper™ side is a hotter sound; more balls in the mids and low-end, with the kick and high-end of a real single-coil. All positions are completely humbucking.

Beyond the obvious benefits of 3 switchable sounds, the Multibucker's 4-coil, 4-blade design distributes the magnetic field evenly for focussed bottom-end and low string-pull. And it looks cool too!

Recommended For:

Bridge or neck position on solidbody guitars.

Tech Talk:

Not enough tonal choices from a single pickup? You can get 6 humbucking sounds from one MultiBucker - series, parallel, either side alone, series out of phase & parallel out of phase. Series is the warmest, loudest sound, and parallel out of phase is the quietest and brightest.


Wiring Standard four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 380mV
DC Resistance 15.36K
Year of introduction 1996
Patent # 4,501,185

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