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L.U.C.A.S The next generation

The Sound Sensation
Looking for something special in sound reinforcement? Do you wish to pamper your audience with unprecedented audio quality? Then opt for L.U.C.A.S IMPACT. It offers everything that has made L.U.C.A.S the solution of choice for small to medium-sized venues: compact components, fabulous handling ease and big, bold sound at every volume level. What’s more, this newest generation sports leading-edge neodymium speakers and digital power amps. With L.U.C.A.S IMPACT, higher performance at a lower weight and smaller footprint is a reality.
L.U.C.A.S IMPACT is endowed with the new DDO™ Controller, which dramatically improves upon the predecessor’s already amazing performance.
The patent-applied-for DDO™ technology is powered by an extremely potent 56-bit DSP engineered to effectively compensate errors in speakers’response and adjust the signal perfectly to human hearing at every volume. All this adds up to sound that is full and crystal clear at all levels. Rest assured, you’ve never heard your instrument like this before. In fact, go ahead and strike the word distortion from your vocabulary—you won’t need it any longer.

L.U.C.A.S IMPACT—a new experience in sound quality!


Facts & Features
  • HK Audio DDO™ System Controller with 5 presets
  • Two satellites outfitted with 8" neodymium speaker and 1" CD horn
  • 700-watt RMS digital power amp powers the 15“neodymium subwoofer.
  • 2x 250-watt RMS digital power amps to drive the satellites.
  • HK Audio MonoTilt™ for optimum sound-to-audience alignment
  • 15" subwoofer in an enclosure factory-equipped with casters
  • Total weight of the system: 47 kg/ 103 lbs.