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Dynamics and punch at every level
D.E.A.CON is the compact, active system for bands that raises the industry bar for versatility, handling ease and, particularly, natural-sounding dynamics. Loaded with a 12" woofer and 2" tweeter, the mid/ high unit is driven by an integral 600-watt RMS digital power amp. This combination serves up an assertive, powerful soundscape. As the system’s nerve center, the on-board digital controller ensures life-like dynamic response, while DDO™ technology affords utmost accuracy and authenticity at every level. Built-in protective circuitry assures maximum reliability for the entire system, even under critical operating conditions. The DuoTilt™ pole-mount
cup, the D.E.A.CON Tilt unit, and the M10 rigging points make the cabinets easy to align to audiences regardless of venue. And the mid/high unit also delivers very persuasive sound when set to full-range mode. The 18" subwoofer and its 1000-watt RMS digital power amp pump out big, brawny low end. An additional passive subwoofer may be connected to boost the system’s low-end punch for larger events. D.E.A.CON’s components are amazingly easy to mix and match to suit the scenario. And courtesy of the DDO™ digital controller, this rig is astonishingly easy to operate. Best of all, it delivers expressive dynamics and potent sound pressure at every level.


Facts & Features
  • A compact PA system for bands, featuring powerful, punchy sound and effortless handling for large events
  • 12" / 2" mid/high units equipped with a 600-watt RMS digital power amp and digital system controller
  • DDO™ controller technology for naturalsounding, true dynamic response at every volume level; affords reliable protection of the entire system
  • Mid/high unit featuring full-range mode switch, DuoTilt™ and M10 flight rigging points
  • 18" subwoofer equipped with a 1,000-watt-RMS digital power amp and a connector for an additional passive bass bin
  • Subwoofer with 80 mm casters (3-1/8" wheels)
  • Extraordinary flexibility: D.E.A.CON may be deployed with four, two or no subwoofers.