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  CASIO PX100   88 Key Musical Keyboard
Family member
The PRIVIA Digital-Piano PX-100 with its metronome, auto-accompaniment and recording function is popular with all the members of the family: its naturally scaled hammer-action keyboard and brilliant stereo piano sound guarantee top-class playing and sound experience. Even practicing is fun.
32-chord polyphony
Deliver a full-bodied sound in your living room - Your digital piano plays up to 32 chords at the same time.
8 digital effects/ reverb, chorus
Live in front of an audience, in a studio or with background choir: 4 chorus and 4 reverb effects augment the sound range of your digital piano.
Song extension options
Extendable: Add your favourite tunes to your digital piano's song book.
Scaled hammer-action keyboard
Piano feeling: The hammer mechanics of the 88 keys are based on the keyboard of a grand piano.
HL Dual Elements soundchip
The bundled sound innovation in the HL Dual Elements soundchip ensures impressive sound experience.
Let your digital piano accompany you: A rich variety of rhythms and sounds make playing a true pleasure.
20 rhythms / accompaniment patterns
With its 20 rhythms and accompaniment patters, your digital piano offers a varied cross-section from the world of music.
30 rehearsal tunes
Learn pieces that capture your imagination: Your digital piano comes with 30 rehearsal tunes - with right or left hand options.
Keep to the beat: The integrated metronome helps you keep to the rhythm.
The proven interface for electronic musical instruments, peripherals and computers.
Terminals for 2 headphones and 2 pedals
Expandable and individual - with terminals for 2 headphones and 2 pedals. For even more fun when playing duets.
Incl. Mains adapter und 1 pedal
Just what you expect from CASIO. Your digital piano comes supplied with an integrated adapter and pedal.