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Dean Dimebag Dimebonics ML

An excellent tribute to a legendary guitarist, the Dean Dimebonics is got a face that represents alot of the heart and soul of Dimebag. Phrases appear on this guitar that you would often hear from the mouth of Dime such as Getcha' Pull! or Drink it or Wear it!. The skull and cross graphic is also a captivating image, but that's just the beginning. Fulll to the hilt with features, this Dimebag features a mahogany 24-3/4 inch set-neck, DBD knobs and DimeTime and Dimebucker pickups. Make sure you get a Dimebonics and make sure you Getcha' Pull!

Top Mahogany
Body Mahogany
Neck Mahogany
Scale Length 24 3/4"
Neck Type Set Neck
Neck Profile C
Inlays Pearl Diamond / 12th Fret Cross"
# of Frets 22
Knobs DBD Traction
Hardware Color Black
Bridge Original Floyd Rose
Pickup (Neck) USA DMT DimeTime
Pickup (Bridge) Seymour Duncan Dimebucker
Binding None
Finish Gloss
Color Dimebonics Graphic


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