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Ibanez BTB676

The concepts behind boutique basses are often the justification for making them extremely expensive. With the BTB, however, Ibanez decided that these same concepts of well-selected body materials, a 35" neck scale, and deep cutaways could be applied to an instrument that anyone could afford. All BTB basses feature neck-thru construction and deeper cutaways for enhanced playability and balance.
Neck Type 5pc BTB6 Maple/Bubinga neck-thru
Body Walnut/Ash wing body
Frets Medium Frets
Bridge MR-2 bridge (17mm string spacing)
Neck pu Bartolini® MK2 neck pu
Bridge pu Bartolini® MK2 bridge pu
Equaliser Bartolini® MK2 3-band eq
Hardware Color Cosmo Black