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Focusrite Platinum Range: VoiceMaster
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The Platinum VoiceMaster includes all the processing you need between the microphone and the recorder. Recording and mixing vocals with VoiceMaster will help you create outstanding musical results.

Main features

Discrete Transistor Mic Pre

  • Audiophile quality Class A discrete transistor design means low noise and distortion. This new mic pre delivers clarity without colouration and also accepts line level inputs.
  • Better than a console mic pre because noise and RF rejection is superior, therefore producing cleaner recordings.
  • Wide bandwidth design, well beyond human hearing range, ensures professional perfor-mance within the audible frequency range.
  • High Pass filter removes proximity effect and wind noise.

Noise Reducing Expander

  • Removes ambient noise and headphone bleed.
  • Expander has a gentle response ideal for processing vocals without running the risk of cutting into the vocal performance.
  • Gate mode gives the option to clean up noisier less sensitive signals such as guitars and drums.

Vocal Saturator

  • Adds character to the sterile digital recording process.
  • Creates tape/valve style saturation from the original signal and adds compressed, harmonic-related, second order artifacts to the vocal.
  • Get a valve mic sound without owning an expensive valve mic or outboard unit. This unique effect is achieved through a dedicated discrete mosfet circuit which is designed to act in a valve-like state.

Opto Compressor

  • For easy-to-set-up dynamic control of performance changes.
  • Servo-controlled optical attenuators give better results than equivalent VCA designs, giving more punch and fat sounding compression, especially when driven hard. Two modes of operation offer soft (vocals)or hard (drums or electric guitars) compression.
  • Enhancer: Adds brightening harmonics to a vocal which lacks character.

Voice optimised EQ

  • The EQ is designed with controls tailored specifically to give immediate results to live or pre-recorded vocals.
  • Breath: 10Khz shelf to add air.
  • Presence: 4K5 peak to give vocals bite in a busy mix.
  • Absence: Mid range dip to remove harshness.
  • Warmth: Adds depth and volume to a voice.
  • Variable frequency allows the warmth to function over the entire range of a voice from Baritone to a Soprano.

Opto De-esser

  • Removes undesirable sibilance leaving the rest of the vocal sound unscathed.
  • The output of the unit can be taken pre and post the De-esser, especially useful at mix down where the two points can be split as follows:-
    1. Pre De-ess, natural sounding vocal can be sent straight to the mix bus.
    2. Post De-ess, send the de-essed vocal to the reverb or delay unit to prevent a 'zing' effect.

Output Meter & Fader

  • Essential for matching the operating level to the following piece of equipment whether semi pro or fully professional.

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