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Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio


The BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio combines BOSS' famous, easy-to-use interface with eight XLR inputs for recording eight tracks simultaneously. This affordable 16-track recorder comes loaded with effects for guitars and vocalsóincluding COSM® Overdrive/Distortion, Amp Modeling and a new Vocal Tool Boxóplus convenient PCM drum and bass tracks, a 40GB hard drive, CD-R/RW drive and USB port. It's the perfect way to record your band.


16-track (256 V-Track) digital studio with 40GB hard drive and CD-R/RW drive
Record all 8 XLR inputs simultaneouslyóideal for tracking live performances
Powerful onboard effects including COSM modeling for guitar, bass and vocals
New Vocal Tool Box with auto pitch correction and Harmony Sequence function
16 individual Track EQs, plus 8 dedicated compressors
Mastering Tool Kit with multi-band compression for loud and punchy CDs
Create backing tracks quickly via independent Drum/Bass and Loop Phrase tracks
USB port for easy data exchange, plus V-LINK video control*
*V-LINK requires Edirol DV7-PR with software version 1.50 or higher.


Easy Multitrack Recording
The BR-1600CD includes eight sweet-sounding XLR microphone inputs with phantom power. Use them to mic up a drum set or to record your entire band in a single pass. Recording eight tracks at once is easy, thanks to a new ìMulti-Track recording modeójust pick your inputs and start recording while taking advantage of powerful channel effects like a compressor, 3-band EQ and bass cut filter.

Superb Guitar and Vocal Effects
Plug into the BR-1600CD and you've got an arsenal of world-class BOSS effects ranging from reverb, delay and modulation to the latest modeling effects for guitar, bass and vocals. These include powerful overdrive/distortion and amp modeling identical to the BOSS GT-6, acoustic and bass effects, plus mic modeling and a new Vocal Tool Box. This special algorithm includes auto pitch correction to keep you in tune, plus a Harmony Sequence function for creating realistic harmoniesóno background singers needed!

Build Your Own Backing Tracks
The BR-1600CD now includes separate Drum, Bass and Loop Phrase tracks for creating complete backing arrangements. The Drum and Bass tracks come with high-quality PCM sounds. The Loop Phrase track can be loaded with user samples, or you can choose from a collection of loop phrases pre-loaded onto the hard disk. Using these tracks, you can build professional-quality arrangements for your guitar and vocals.

Complete Connectivity with USB and V-LINK
The BR-1600CD's USB port makes it easy to load .WAV/AIFF files into a track, or export your audio for further editing in software or data backup. Want to integrate video with your music? Using V-LINK and an optional Edirol video editor, you can control and manipulate images using the BR-1600CD's buttons and knobs. It's easy and you'll love the results. With the BR-1600CD, the sky's the limit!

Available accessories:

BR-1600C D Digital Recording Studio _ DP-2 Damper Pedal

_ DR-10/DR-20 Dynamic Mics

_ EV-5 Expression Pedal

_ EV-7 Expression Pedal

_ FS-5U Footswitch

_ FV-300L Volume/Expression Pedal