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Yamaha Drums
Yamaha Tour Custom

Yamaha Drums
Tour Custom
The new Tour Custom gives drummers the rich, warm sound of maple at a more affordable price. Borrowing features and technology from Yamaha's premium Absolute series, the Tour Custom is a professional option that performs well above other drums in its class.

100% Maple shells
Tour Custom drum shells are 100% maple. The bass drums are 7-ply 7mm and have a warm, deep tone; the toms are 6-ply 6mm, with lots of warmth and resonance and have a wide tuning range. The matching wood snare drum has body, yet plenty of high end and is very articulate at all dynamic levels.
Yamaha DrumsYamaha Drums
Yamaha Air Seal System
All Yamaha wood drums have one thing in common. Our craftsmen create every drum shell using our exclusive staggered diagonal seam, Air Seal System just as they have since 1967. Each two or three-ply master ply is cut to length to very precise tolerance with a diagonal cut on each end. The diagonal seam in the drum shell will not separate, eliminating the need to fill gaps in the bearing edge with filler putty. These plies have glue applied and are then put into the mould by hand, one master play at a time. The craftsman then inserts an air bag into the mold and inflates it, clamping the shell with even pressure 360 degrees around. This process creates a shell that is strong, starts round, and stays round.

Ball Clamp and Triple Tom Holder
Tour Custom drum sets includes the TH-945 triple tom holder with our tom ball clamp that gives you 360-degree rotation. The ball, made of a super-hard resin, is held in place by a single bolt making angle adjustments on the toms quick and easy. The toms lock firmly in place at virtually any angle you want. This versatile tom holder lets you mount any combination of up to three toms and/or cymbals by using either the standard or the long version of our tom ball clamp and CH model cymbal booms.

YESS Tom and Floor Tom Brackets
All Tour Custom toms and floor toms use the YESS (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System). The toms have a mount attached to the shell at the nodal point by two bolts. This system allows the drum shell to vibrate freely for maximum sustain without restricting with where the placement of the drums. The floor tom brackets are small, minimal contact mounts that are located at the nodal point. They hold the legs securely in place without restricting the vibration of the shell.

Bass Drum Spurs
Sturdy, yet simple in design, the bass drum spurs hold the bass drum firmly in place even under heavy playing. They are height adjustable using a drum key and contain steel spikes that can be exposed when extra hold is needed. They fold compactly for transport and are marked with angle indicators ensuring set-up is the same every time.

60 Degree Bearing Edges
All Tour Custom drums have 60-degree R2 bearing edges. This is something new for Yamaha on a maple shell drum set. This bearing edge has a rounder profile so that there is more shell to head contact. This gives the drums clarity in the low-end fundamental and added warmth.

Universal Size Drums
Tour Custom drums are available in Yamaha's universal sizes. This ratio of diameter to depth makes these drums versatile enough for any musical situation. The bass drums have low-end punch but are responsive, the toms have lots of power, yet great sustain. The 14x6 matching wood snare drum has a very wide tuning range and great sensitivity so it is right at home on the road playing large venues or around town on a club date.

Four Beautiful Lacquer Finishes
Tour Custom drums are all finished in high-gloss lacquer, three translucent and one solid finish. The Brown Sunburst (BSB), Ocean Blue (OCB), and Sakura White (SAW) allow the beauty of the maple grain show through. The Black Onyx (BKO) is a deep, rich, solid black finish.

Yamaha DrumsYamaha DrumsYamaha DrumsYamaha Drums
Pro-quality hardware
The kit comes complete with Yamaha's famous hardware that has been the choice of professional drummers for years. Made in the same factory as Yamaha motorcyles, the hardware is simple, sleek, durable and allows for fast set-up every time.

Yamaha Drums
Yamaha Tour Custom
Does Not Include Cymbals Or stool