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Yamaha Drums
Yamaha MS50DR
Yamaha MS50DR

Yamaha MS50DR a 2.1-channel monitor system for electronic drums. The system consists of left and right satellite speakers, which can be attached to a rack, and a subwoofer with a bass-reflex amp. These speakers enable you to experience intensely realistic stereo sound that will make you feel like you are performing on an acoustic drum set. Also, this system is perfect for monitoring in the home, with 20W of power for each of the two satellite speakers and 50W of power for the subwoofer.
It can be attached to any DTX drums drum rack other than a HEXRACK (e.g. HXR4LD).


Speaker Size (Satellite Speakers) 4” Woofer, 2” Midrange, 1” Tweeter (Subwoofer) 8” Woofer
Enclosure Type (Satellite Speaker) Sealed Type (Subwoofer) Bass Reflex Type
Output (Satellite Speaker) 20 W/ 4 ohm (x2) (Subwoofer Amp Unit) 50 W/ 4 ohm [[Total]] 90 W
Input Nominal Level Main Input –10 dBm
Controls Main Knob, Woofer Knob, Power Switch
Connections Main Input Jacks (L/Mono, R), Speaker Jacks (L/R)
Package Contents Subwoofer Amp Unit x 1, Satellite Speaker x 2, Speaker Attachments (SPAT1), Speaker Cable x2, Phone Cable x2