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Yamaha Drums
Yamaha MS100DR
Yamaha MS100DR

Really hear your electronic drum kit with lots of kick.

The Yamaha MS-100DR Electronic Kit Monitor System amplifies your electronic drum kit in true stereo, letting you not only hear but feel what you are playing. Whether you are playing at home, in the studio, or live on stage you can hear every nuance of your performance. The monitor system consists of 2 compact satellite speakers attached to left and right sides of the rack with the supplied SPAT1 speaker attachments, and the 100W bass reflex subwoofer unit resting on the floor. It produces full-frequency tone and 3-dimensionality for a playing experience that is close to that of an acoustic drum kit. 

The Yamaha MS-100DR offers connectivity that makes it versatile for use as a personal monitor while practicing, in live performance, or recording. Your drum trigger module connects to the main inputs, while an external audio device (CD player, etc.) can be added via Stereo Mix inputs. Stereo line output jacks let you connect the system to a recorder or sound reinforcement system for recording or playing live.

The monitor system's satellite speakers contain a 4" woofer, 2" midrange, and 1" tweeter. Each is powered by a 40W amp. The subwoofer has an 10" speaker and 100W power.


  • Allows you to hear and feel every nuance of your playing
  • 2 satellite speakers attach to each side of your rack with included SPAT1 speaker attachments
  • Each satellite speaker containd a 4" woofer, 2" midrange, 1" tweeter, and 40W amp
  • Subwoofer has an 10" speaker and 100W power
  • CD input
  • Stereo line output