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Yamaha Gigmaker
Yamaha Gigmaker
(Paiste 101 Cymbal Pack included)

Yamaha Gigmaker
Yamaha's Gigmaker series is a full kit of drums - complete with hardware and cymbals - all at a price that makes owning a set of Yamaha Drums easier than ever. The 5-piece set includes a 22''x 16'' bass drum, 16''x 16'' floor tom, 13''x 9,5'' and 12'' x 9'' toms, and a 14'' x 5.5'' snare drum that are going to make you look and sound great whether you're playing rock, country or jazz.

Accompanying the kit are a bass drum pedal, crash and hi-hat cymbals, and a set of Yamaha's double-braced hardware - formed for its outstanding function, stability and durability - so you can play right away.
Check out the Gigmaker at your nearest Yamaha dealer and play your next gig on the brand the pros demand. Play it on a set of Yamaha Drums.

Basswood Shells
Yamaha has been making drums for over 35 years and we are constantly experimenting to learn more about what makes a great drum. It is with that knowledge that we have been able to extract a richer sound from these new drums.

Gigmaker uses the same small low-mass lugs as the YD and Rydeen series used. They are a very clean, simple design and are spring-less to prevent rattling.

Bass Drum Spurs
The bass drum spurs are a simple yet sturdy design. They are pre-set for optimum height but will fold close to the shell for transport.

Omni-ball Tom Holders

A pair of Yamaha's famed ball clamp tom holders mounted in the bass drum offer maximum freedom when setting up the drums.

Yamaha Gigmaker

Black Finish
Gigmaker comes with a high gloss PVC covering that looks great under lights to ensure you fit the rockstar image.
Complete with Paiste cymbals

Included in the Gigmaker pack is a set of world-renowned Paiste 101 cymbal pack. Manufactured by the world's leading cymbal brand, the Paiste 14" hats and 18" crash/ride provide a complete, professional set-up for the budding drummer.

Yamaha Gigmaker