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Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP



Firefly 30 DSP Epiphone picture

Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP

The Epiphone Firefly 30DSP is a perfect practice and jam amp with effects built in. The 2-channel Firefly 30 DSP features Epiphone's proprietary E-valve tone circuitry, which coaxes actual tube tone from a solid-state amp. It pushes 30 watts through a special-design 10" speaker for plenty of bluesy grit.

Evalve tube tone circuitry outputs fat midrange presence while 16 DSP selections give you a broad choice of sound textures. A separate DSP reverb provides precision control perfect for any stage setup. 2 channels, a specially designed 10" speaker, and 30W of power make it a great little jam amp. Vintage cab design with rattan speaker cover, red Tolex, gleaming corner reinforcements, cream piping, chicken-head knobs, and satin gold face plate.

The Firefly 30 also contains 16 DSP effects plus a separate DSP reverb section, so you can call up the effect you want without having to lug around extra boxes. It provides an effects loop with an independent level control, plus an auxiliary in/out, also with level control.


30-watt solid-state guitar amp with DSP.

E-Valve tube tone circuitry.

Two channels.

16 DSP selections.

Separate DSP reverb.

Effects loop with level control.

Aux input with level control.

Channel selectable via front panel or optional footswitch (not included).

Headphone jack.

Special design 10" speaker.